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Principal's Message

John Boylan





Welcome to Burrell High School. My name is John Boylan and I have had the honor and privilege of serving as the principal of Burrell High School for the past fourteen years.  BHS is a student-centered educational environment where we strive to empower our students to Learn, Create, Lead and Succeed!  These behavioral characteristics serve as the foundation for our curricular and extra-curricular activities and also motivate our teachers to model lifelong learning to our students. With approximately 600 students in grades 9-12, we offer an exhaustive curriculum that places an emphasis not only on our core academic coursework but the arts and humanities as well.  Recognizing that a well-rounded student is a well-educated one, it is our mission to immerse our students in rich, complex learning experiences that push students out of their traditional comfort zones.  Utilizing a cross-curricular and hands-on approach we want our students to be prepared for the complex world in which we live.  It is important for all of us to recognize that failure should be seen as an opportunity to learn and an inevitable condition if we are to develop as individuals.  In doing so, we strive to treat each student as a unique individual, with specific learning needs in an ever changing world. 


Please feel free to contact me at anytime.  Burrell is the hidden gem in Westmoreland County and Go Bucs!